Past Life Regression

Past Life Information


It has been estimated that more than one third of all people today believe in past lives. Perhaps belief in reincarnation is so widespread because many people have had experiences where they feel as though they "have been here before". Many describe feelings of familiarity, which are simply too deep and forceful to be explained by experiences that they remember from this lifetime.

Anyone can remember his or her past lives. With Past Life Regression training or private sessions, we can help you discover why, for example:

  • you like certain architecture or why you are drawn to certain clothing styles - i.e. casual, formal, military, gypsy, peasant, etc.

  • It may lead you to discover why you have certain food preferences or why you are drawn to certain cultures.

  • why you are drawn to a certain climate or a particular time period, or periods of time for which you have an intense interest? Like in an epoch event in history or even in a given mythology can point to a past life in that era.


When someone is drawn again and again to a particular place, or a kind of place, this may relate to a past life spent in that area. (note: especially the emotional response to that location). 

People often encounter fears and phobias that cannot be resolved even after years of work with traditional therapy, sometimes these can often be traced to experiences which occurred in past lives. Additionally, think of your talents and abilities, and the things that came easily to you - almost as if you already knew them! This is one explanation for child prodigies.


There is often a strong correlation between illnesses and injuries that occur in the present life and similar experiences that have occurred in past lives.


Why Past Life Regressions Work


Past Life Regressions sometimes work to gain results when other methods have failed. It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation for it to be effective. Many clients' lives transform by this kind of practice, even though they did not believe in reincarnation. Even if the images that arise aren't "true" past life memories, the images are nevertheless symbols from within and they have value.


Past Life Regressionss are effective because they get right down to the roots of problems. Many times other forms of healing are addressing the symptoms rather than the causes of problems. When the roots of a challenge lie in a past life, working with present life issues will only have limited results. Trying to deal with recurrent challenges can be like mowing over dandelions. Every time you mow them over, they pop up again and will keep doing so until you actually dig down into the roots.


Many present day difficulties emerge in order to address issues that have gone unresolved through lifetime after lifetime. The problem is not so much the traumas that occurred in past lifetimes, as much as the negative decisions surrounding the event that were suppressed at the time, and thus became lodged in the energy field. It is these subsequent beliefs regarding that past life event, which cause the recurring problems that persist through one reincarnation after another.