Why you should become a Holy Fire II Reiki Master

I thought that the following might be helpful to you when deciding if the Reiki Master training might be for you:

Becoming a Holy Fire Reiki Master is much more than having the ability to teach others; although it is great to be able to teach, if that is your calling. With this training, you would have the option of adding teaching Reiki to your business.

The Holy Fire Energy is installed within the Holy Fire II Reiki Master, in two locations within your energy body during the Master class - plus a purification is activated before this takes place on the first day of class. Deep healing becomes possible and the raising of your vibration occurs. The ability to gift the energy of Reiki to someone else is great and is also a useful tool for healing one’s self.

As a Holy Fire II Reiki Master, you can repeat the ignitions (the gifting of the Master level energy or in other Reiki groups “attunements”), any time for the healing benefits, and to strengthen and refine your Reiki energy.

You also have the ability to do the Holy Love experiences, of which there are three:

1) To install Divine Love

2) To go back in your life’s history to heal the past

3) To go back to the time of conception (can also include ancestral issues, birth trauma, and more), and heal anything needing healing around these issues.

You can do these experiences on oneself or with a group (as in a Reiki class or any other gathering). You would also have the ability to do the Holy Fire II healing experience, which is great to do before a regular Reiki treatment on oneself or someone else. I find that it improves their results of relaxation and healing.

When you have Holy Fire II Master energy, it has the ability to turn itself on, on its own. So even if you aren’t thinking of Reiki, your Reiki will be helping you.

There is a favorite technique that I teach in the Master class, called Aura Clearing. It is an advanced technique, that allows you to draw out the negative energy from the client while they participate with feedback.

I became a Reiki Master to gain the ability to strengthen my own Reiki energy, in order to heal myself. If you take the class for the same reason, that would be great for you. You are worth the money and time that it takes to become a Reiki Master. If you never help anyone else but yourself, I will be proud to have been your teacher. You see, by raising my own vibration (by becoming a Reiki Master), I rarely get sick. So, I don’t spend a lot of time and money going to doctors or buying cold medicines, etc.

I’m a very sensitive person. And I believe that by having the ability to not take on the world’s negative energy, is one of the main reasons that I was drawn to Reiki in the first place. There’s a lot of negative people and energy out there! So, for me, the strongest Reiki possible is necessary for my own well-being. I teach many ways to protect your personal energy, using Reiki. The majority of my business is with sensitive people and empaths.

After my very serious car accidents, I had a lot of healing to do. As I am allergic to most pain medications, I used Reiki to alleviate my pain and discomfort. I often teach Reiki to people with chronic pain, because it is so helpful for them to be able to alleviate or tone-down their pain without any negative side effects. I teach how I use Reiki to keep my vibration high and provide deep healing for myself. You can use my techniques too.

If I were to have paid my Reiki teacher the value that I have received from my having Reiki in my life, I would owe him a very large sum! I am grateful every day that I have Reiki in my life.

I know that each of you would benefit from the higher energy that the Reiki Master class would provide to you. Please reach out to me if you’re interested in taking this class. If the price of this class is holding you back, we can easily discuss a payment plan that would work for both of us. I want you to benefit from becoming a Reiki Master, as I have.

I could go on and on about how I have benefited from Reiki Master training, but I think you get my point.

Sending each of you love - and I hope to hear from you soon.

Love and Light,


269-873-3903 or waterwoodhealing@gmail.com

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