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Superconcious Reprogamming
and Direct Divine Healing

Superconscious Reprogramming™ and Direct Divine Healing™

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What is the purpose of Superconscious Reprogramming™ and Direct Divine Healing™?

Here are some things that are addressed during a Superconscious Reprogramming™ and Direct Divine Healing™ session: 

Fears, phobias, beliefs, stress, overwhelming anxiety, values, inner language, perception, judgments and rules, trust of others, trust of oneself, forgiveness, healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, self-realization and being comfortable being you, victim thinking, deeper understanding of self, fatigue/burnout. 

This modality can bring healing on many levels – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

The purpose of Superconscious Reprogramming™ and Direct Divine Healing™ is to bring healing, comfort, realization of dreams, and a desired life - by removing fears, blocks and limitations that are preventing the quality of life and joy that one desires.​

These techniques done together, as recommend from the Divine Collective™ that Shannon channels, are allowing many human concepts to come together. The understanding of how this healing, shifting, or elevation of the quality of life is happening isn’t necessary to benefit from it.​

Shannon will work with your Superconscious™ in order to bypass conscious limitations and beliefs. 

Shannon works mostly intuitively but if there are particular issues you would like her to address, you can give her a few things for her to give additional attention to. 

The Superconscious™ is aware of and understands all of your life experiences in your present life and beyond.

They like the metaphor of how a light works. Most people merely “flip a switch” and enjoy the light; not understanding the rules of electricity and how it flows down the electric cord to the bulb causing the bulb to illuminate and thereby producing the light. There are many nuances to how this happens that most could not duplicate or explain on their own. But you still enjoy the light!


The Divine Collective™ wish you to enjoy the healing they produce in much the same way. You will likely not be able to understand all of the things coming together for this healing, shifting, reprogramming life experience to take place. It is helpful to choose to get the most out of it, as your regular conscious mind is ruled by many limitations. It would not do to try to prove that you are the exception – that it does not work for you. The Divine Collective™™ explains that humans become attached to their suffering, much like a computer works within its own particular programming.


The Divine Collective™ instruct us on how to change our programming but not within the limited mind, but through the Superconscious™.


After Shannon has finished the part she channels for the Superconscious Reprogramming™, she brings the Direct Divine Healing™.


The Direct Divine Healers™ come from the Divine Collective™. They are part of the Collective™ but do not work with our physical world without the aid and assistance of Shannon – bridging them in.


It has taken many years to prepare Shannon for this work and it is important to understand that this was always part of her destiny. This Divine Collective™ is not working with or through any other humans. This process is only available from Shannon. We bring this up here because there are many on earth that try to copy and say that they can bring you the same experience.


The Divine Collective™ advises that you understand that opportunities change, and that sometimes a “door of opportunity” is not open forever.


The Direct Divine Healers™ can be seen by Shannon, and further, she can feel them. They usually choose to work in small groups. How long they work is their choice. It is usually around 90 minutes to two hours. For some, they do work longer.


A session can take place at any time. It does not matter if one is sleeping or resting, working, or doing activities.


Shannon can work on many people at once as the process is not limited to working on one individual at a time...


There can be great benefit received from one session. The human body can only shift so much at a time. Many report miracles on their first session. There is an even greater benefit derived from repeating this opportunity to expand one’s quality of life. (It is recommended that no more than one session of Superconscious Reprogramming™ followed by the Direct Divine Healing™ should be done per day). 

            Individual Sessions:                                      $500.00​

            Private Individual sessions:                    $1,000.00

            (one-on-one with Shannon)​

The Superconscious Reprogramming™ or the Direct Divine Healing™ sessions can be split and done separately for $350.00 per session.

After your payment selection is made, please send us an email to indicating the name of the person to receive the session and what date you would like for the session. If you wish, we can send you a PayPal or Venmo request for payment. ​

What people are saying about Superconscious Reprogramming™ and Direct Divine Healing™: 

What people have reported back about this method of Healing:​

“I’m in my 70’s and do things that 20 yr. old people do. My arthritis pain is greatly reduced. My mind is sharper, and I feel better than I have in years.”​

“I had heart surgery (a triple bypass) with valve repair. I was told it would take 6 months to heal. I have received multiple sessions from Shannon. I was cleared by the Doctor one month after surgery to return to work and resume my normal activities. I feel like I can do things that I haven’t done in many years. I don’t understand how Shannon works but I can tell you that she can make miracles happen!”​

“I fell into a bonfire at an outdoor celebration. I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over a 1/3 of my body. Shannon’s work has enabled me to bring my pain level down to where I didn’t need pain medications. I have grown new skin very quickly! I am able to move around and spend time with family. I was told that infection would be the biggest risk to me afterwards with so many burned areas over such a large area of my body. Shannon has raised my immunity and brought comfort and pain relief. The sessions calm my mind that is not an easy thing for someone to do. I don’t like hospitals or going to doctors. I have been able to avoid both while working with Shannon.”​

“My son has anxiety, panic attacks, and had stopped driving and going to work. It had become worse during COVID. He’s back to driving and the panic attacks have subsided. He is now seeking new employment. He is happier now and has returned to the be the man that I knew him to be. Thank you, Shannon!”

“I was crazy stressed out all the time! I didn’t know how to deal with life! I have an eating disorder and I am bipolar. Shannon has helped me feel “normal” again. I can eat food without freaking out about what is in it. I am smiling more. Shannon does things that no one else has ever been able to help me with. Her healing abilities are like magic!” 

“I felt energized and peaceful after my session. That is not normal for me. I am usually stressed and feel like I have a million things to do! I’m usually tired even when I first wake up. I can’t explain how different I am since my session. I am more hopeful now that I can feel good about myself and successfully run my business. Shannon works miracles that are difficult to put into words. I am so grateful that I found Shannon.” 

“I felt motivated and “super-charged” from my session! The session was out of this world good!” 

“I felt a big shift as I felt as limiting block release from my body. I wasn’t sure what to think the evening of my session. I could tell something happened. I felt calm, relaxed, and serene. My small aches and pains are gone. The next day, I was amazed at how great I felt! I’m no stranger to energy healing, but this is beyond anything that I have ever experienced. Everyone needs this!”

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