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Business and Corporate Clients

We offer energy work for businesses and corporations. 

Examples of things that we are asked to focus on for

business and corporate clients are:

  • Growing/expanding their business

  • Retaining employees

  • Finding the “right” or “specialized” employees

  • Obtaining more clients/customers

  • Looking for business partners or specialized services

  • Working on projects/developing products

  • Inspiration/solutions/thinking outside the box

  • Problem resolution/legal disputes

  • New investors and revenue possibilities

  • New location/new property

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Closing deals/contracts/leases

  • New management

  • Transferring employees into new positions

  • Custom/unique needs

Waterwood can be hired for just one area or for multiple areas of focus.  Some companies have an ongoing monthly or quarterly agreement with us for their personalized needs.  Others contract with us for one particular project or session. 


Sometimes as we work with a client, there is guidance that is revealed to the client themselves, during or after a session; and other times, Shannon will channel some guidance that has to do with their business or the current focus of the energy work.  Those clients who choose to follow the suggestions of this guidance often receive results faster or receive other opportunities they weren’t expecting.


This type of work has been successful for many and has often resulted in surprising results that exceed expectations.  As with any type of energy work specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed, as there are often many people and situations, known and unknown, that influence the outcome.

Here is an example of our corporate client work – an actual client outcome:

We had a corporate client contact us and request client growth. We worked with them on it for six months and obtained a steady increase. After the six months, we were informed they didn’t have enough employees to keep up with the new clients they had obtained.  We then continued to work with them, but changed the focus to finding the specialized employees that they needed to accommodate their new clients, and these new employees needed to already have experience in their field of specialty.

After we helped them accomplish that for them, they decided that they needed a new business location - one that could now accommodate the new size of their company. The focus then shifted to finding an investor and to release an old partner who was no longer a good fit for the company. 

The old partner was then offered a new opportunity somewhere else and resigned from the company.  At first, many of the business locations that they looked at to lease were good possibilities, but none felt like they were in the ideal location. Then a new opportunity revealed itself, a new building was being built, in an ideal location for them.  They made a connection with the builder through a serendipitous meeting with an old friend.

They were then able to get the spot that they wanted and to make some custom changes to meet their needs.  They leased the property on the terms that they desired and moved in. The transition to the new location went seamlessly. They continue to use our services to expand in ways they never dreamed of. 

For example, they’ve had multiple offers to buy their company.  So far, that hasn’t been what they’ve chosen to do, but at least one offer still stands, and they are considering it.


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