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Reiki Experiences

My mom’s best friend


My first Reiki student was my mother’s best friend. When I gave her the first of our Reiki sessions, she was already in the late stages of a terminal illness. Cancer had spread to her brain with some bone metastases. Her physical disabilities from her illness would not allow her to sit or concentrate through a regular class setting. I made it easy for her to learn what she needed to know about Reiki to give herself Reiki every day. It helped her feel better while enduring her chemotherapy. Additionally, it really helped her sleep. Reiki energy comforted her through her preparations that she was making as she neared the end of her life. I would go to her home and we would have long Reiki sessions, where we could make the pain disappear for a while, and she would fall into a deep, restful sleep.


Passing with Reiki


We had a neighbor that had end-stage cancer, and like many, was very afraid to die. I spoke with him about Reiki before his passing, and he was open to trying it, but was still frightened of what he knew laid ahead for him. I had given him Reiki sessions throughout his chemotherapy. Eventually, as the end drew near, he had lost his ability to move around, or even to speak. His daughter asked my husband and I if we could watch him for a while so that she could run to the store. My husband and I went there and turned on his favorite classical music and I began giving him Reiki at his bedside (there was a hospital bed set up in his living room). His body seemed to relax and his breathing slowed, and he tried reaching out to us. My husband touched and held his hand and he peacefully left this life. He was not afraid anymore. The Reiki allowed him to pass peacefully. What an amazing gift to be able to give someone Reiki truly is love.


On Taking Reiki Classes


“Shannon was extremely knowledgeable and able to subtly apply Reiki teachings to each of us in the class individually for our own purposes”


“I’ve been to a lot of weekend workshops. This class (Reiki I & II) was well-organized and flowed well. As workshops go – This was a good one! Shannon did a great job!”


“Shannon presented all of us with further knowledge that was not present in the teaching manuals.”


“My favorite moment was when I could feel the Reiki in my hands!”


As a recent student said, “I am very thankful for this experience as well as having been guided to Shannon. I feel as though I am here for a reason and Reiki helps me see my purpose. I plan on using Reiki in my everyday living. I am also glad that I was lucky enough to have an instructor like Shannon, that welcomes questions, and who will always be available to me in the future for support if it is needed.”

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