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Shamanic Training

I have been practicing Shamanism most of my life, even before I knew what it meant to be a Shaman.  A shaman is someone who works with the Powers of nature and can go into the mystical realms to pull out alternative destinies.  Different from than the one your trajectory is currently taking you.

A shaman works outside of ordinary reality and is not restricted to linear time allowing for healing of the past and shifting of current situations. As a shaman I can journey in this space to learn directly from Great Spirit without the noise and beliefs that society has placed upon the world.


I have been accumulating knowledge from many sources for my understanding, practice and teachings I offer. I am a perpetual student as I grow so do my abilities and my talents. As do my students as I teach you the beginners mind to open to the gifts and mystical guidance that rules this magical and often misunderstood realm. It is not a dark and scary place but a vast wellspring of connection when done with respect and good intention.


The linages I am connected to are vast and some are not in the physical world any longer. I have learnings from many indigenous cultures around the world from north and south America, Celtic, Druidry, Africa, New Zealand, to name a few. I may be called many things; A Fire Shaman, also known as a Transformational Shaman, a Water shaman also known as a bone mender and herbalist, a Shapeshifter or a Modern-Day Shaman or a Divine Shaman, as I use my connection to a very special group, I channel called the Divine Collective.


I am not stuck on any one name for what I do, and I am not limiting anyone to a particular group or title.  I am taking everything I know and making a very specialized elixir/understanding. This way, what I offer, meets the needs of my clients and students and can be used and understood in our current world.  I have permission to use these techniques, practices and energies together from those who brought them forth to begin with.


The way I teach currently is I have twelve Rituals. Each preparing you in a special way for a particular purpose. It also connects you to a lineage of shamans. Each Ritual has accompanying techniques and practices to further your shamanic training and connection to the linage and to the Great Spirit. Many report back a deep healing, shifting of old beliefs and releasing of old wounds or trauma.


This teaching includes processes and techniques for energy healing, journeying, accessing gifts, accessing past lives, tools for clearing energy, sacred space, connecting to higher guidance, understanding yourself and your journey, releasing wounds, gratitude, compassionate action, community, world healing, shamanic and sacred tools, Soul contracts, linage healing, land ancestors, working with others, inspiration and many ways to practice. With you deciding how to move forward with your shamanic practice and at what pace.


For those who wish to make some of their own sacred tools I will advise or instruct/teach you how to do this during your lessons.


I currently teach students privately, meaning one student at a time. In the future we will have Shamanic training available in a group setting as a retreat or possibly a live online course (by Zoom).


Each Shamanic Ritual teaching is four hours of in person or on zoom instruction, ceremony, and the specific Ritual. With additional energetic healing and connection work done afterwards by your instructor Shannon for three hours. During that three hours you can go about your day or sleep.

The Ritual and energy work build upon one another, each deepening your connection, your practice and your personal healing and abilities. You will have these connections for the rest of your life.


The cost of each Ritual is $1200 for the complete 7 hours of private work.


Your questions are welcomed and will be answered by your instructor.

                              You can email or set up a time to chat.

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