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Enlightened Life Coaching

Enlightened Life Coaching™ can change how you see your life, how you feel inside, how you dream your world, how to up your vibration, how to build your dreams, awaken the spiritual world and all the support they offer.

How to use your gifts and not be in fear of being different.

How to stop worrying and learn to really live.

There are ways to awaken the power within you.

Enjoy your personal gifts and abilities.

To learn even more ways to bring light into your every day.

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To feel lighter.

To feel freer.


To know that there are no ceilings on your potential happiness.

To go beyond what you think, or you thought was possible.

To glimpse into that concept of enlightenment.

​​I offer enlightenment ideas and ways to change up the vibration of your every day, which turns into a more joyous and fulfilling life & future.

To neutralize or disarm the dramas and the traumas of your past. To release the toxic emotions behind these old experiences and turn them into the power for you to create and build your dreams and desires.

The more you practice and grow and heal and release and transform….

The more you visit the energy of enlightenment. Enlightenment energy creates hormones that cause our bliss states of mind. That state is hard to maintain in this very busy and culturally created world.

I tell you this not to burst your enlightenment bubble but to reveal to you the possibility of enjoying glimpses of the varying states of enlightenment, are worth the effort. No one should feel bad for not being able to maintain it. In truth it, I don’t think your Soul can experience the lessons and growth it desires when you’re in the State of Enlightenment. You can be in that state - that enlightened state -where you understand that as perfect as something may appear to be or as bad as something else may appear to be – that everything happens for a reason.

How you interpret that or how you see it unfolding, exactly as it’s meant to, will greatly shift within your new world of perception.

Your goals may shift, and you’ll reach new heights of awareness that you never thought possible.

You might be thinking I couldn’t possibly move past my (fill in the blank, i.e., childhood or trauma) and that might be your truth. If you aren’t willing to let it go and you want to fight for your story of being a victim or being disabled or fill in the blanks. Your truth is whatever you fight for. That is the story of your life you get to keep, that’s what you get to live with.

For some people even when they say they want to heal. There is a part of them that holds on to the old, repeated story and they must decide what power they give it. It’s part of them.  It makes them who they are. The fear is too great to let go of what they know. Even if the story is painful and ugly. It’s theirs. It’s their story. And they retell themselves and others their story of why they can’t have the life they desire or the health they desire and/or the dream they want.

The flip side of that coin is, if you’re willing to fight for the new you. To take that energy and say I’m a volunteer in this world. Decide that “all that I’ve experienced is wisdom I can take forward into my future.” I’m taking my personal power and my energy and I’m going to achieve greatness. I’m going to witness miracles. I’m going to experience enlightenment. Enlightened Life Coaching™ was designed to do just that.

If you’re still with me, there is a part of you that wants what I’m offering here. Every day ordinary people can use these techniques to move forward and achieve their dreams - and yes, get closer to the Enlightenment state.

If you’re ready and willing to move forward let’s begin! I’m excited that you want to join me! You are telling your soul you’re ready for a new you!

There are options for your coaching here. Continue reading for more information:      



I realized that people have always been drawn to my ability to see solutions and possibilities where they only saw problems and unhappiness. After years of coaching others, many lessons, lots of learning directly from Spirit, I have brought all this together for the Enlightened Life Coaching™ experience.

I channel a collective group of Souls that I call The Divine Collective™, and together we bring wisdom, techniques, messages, healing, magic, sometimes Miracles, and Enlightenment energy.

Many people want to improve their lives. Most don’t know where to start.  Those who start usually can’t get themselves to the place where they want to be - happy and truly fulfilled.

I hear statements like: “I’ve done everything my mother (or fill in the blank) said I should and I’m still not happy!” or ” I’ve been looking for something to get me out of this slump, but I can’t seem to make any progress.”

“I feel overwhelmed, and nothing seems to make it better.”

“All the self-help books give me hope when I start them, but I quickly realize that the information doesn’t work for me.”

“I’m trying my best, but it doesn’t feel like it’s ever enough”

“Is this really as good as I can get? Doesn’t life have more to offer me?”

“As I grow older, I thought I would forget my past, but it hurts me more now than when I was younger!”

“My sensitive nature prevents me from enjoying life like other people.”

“I just want to be happy. I look at other people’s happy posts on social media and I feel like I’m failing at life.”


I’ve learned over the years that there are some basic desires we have as humans. They are true for people across the board. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. Your ethnic background or your age that doesn’t matter either. Or where you live in the world. People want the same basic things.

They are:

To have their basic needs met. i.e., air, food, water, and shelter

To love

To be loved

To feel comfortable in their skin and/or body

To be healthy

To have a purpose, a life that has meaning

To feel fulfilled

To feel safe

Sometimes people get lost in the ‘basic needs being met’ part of life. They focus their time making sure they and their family have shelter food water heat and the basic comforts. Most people accomplish this to varying degrees and that means they can move on to the other desires they have.

Let’s not lose focus of this Enlightenment Life Coaching™ experience.

There is joy to be derived from our basic needs being met. There are even ways to bring more smiles and harmony to your life as you continue to provide for yourself.

After we tweak your perspectives from so-so to enlightened, you will start to see how you can apply these techniques and thinking to all areas of your life. You will see how to heal your past, so you can live in a way that brings you all your human desires together.

When I started down this road, I could never have asked for what I have achieved, because it was too far out of my believed possibilities for myself. I was struggling with my health and so everything else was put on hold or took a backseat to trying to overcome my setbacks that my physical health caused me.

My brain was full of ideas that I wanted to make happen. I would get mentally and physically tired and felt like the world was passing me by.

Like I was falling behind in the game of life, and I could never catch up. My to-do list was always growing longer, and my spirit would drop, as I couldn’t make myself feel the joy I desired. My Guides, Guardians, Angels, Spirit, or whatever you want to call them stepped in.

They used another person or many people to help me get to the place I needed to be - to see the possibilities. It might seem like a fairytale - something very improbable - but I feel like there was a lot of work being done behind the scenes to get me where I needed to be.

They opened my eyes to a world I had closed when I was little.

I have established a long-standing connection to the world of Spirit and have a strong understanding of my life’s purpose.

I offer many options for moving forward to find your life’s purpose, your mission, your happiness, your spiritual allies, your comforts, your dreams, your gifts, your goals, and connection to spirit.

With your efforts moving forward, I believe you’ll be able to realize your goals of reaching that so sought-after energy of enlightenment.

Enlightened Life Coaching™ single sessions are available by the hour

or in packages that include bonuses

or combinations of Coaching with Healing sessions

and/or mentoring for learning gifts or connections to Spirit.

(Program pricing for below coming soon)

Enlightened Life Coaching™ package, including bonus: 10 one-hour sessions with bonuses

Enlightened Life Coaching™ with other Healing Modalities from Waterwood Healing Center

Enlightened Life Coaching™ mentoring for learning to understand and use your gifts and/or connections to Spirit

Enlightened Life Coaching™ Practitioner Training available soon. In-person training by Shannon, 8 day

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