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Reiki Distant Healing

“The Distant symbol is derived from a Japanese spiritual saying and is composed of Japanese Kanji characters.* The name is written as “romanji”, which is the phonetic use of the Western alphabet to write out kanji characters. The Japanese name for this symbol means “the origin of all is pure consciousness.” Pure consciousness exists at the deepest level of being and at this level there is no time or space. This symbol is used to send Reiki to others at a distance. You can send Reiki to people who are across the room, across town, or even in other parts of the country or the world. Distance is no barrier when using this symbol. Sometimes a picture of the intended person is used in conjunction with this symbol.


I’ve often use the Distant Healing symbol with my clients who are coming for a Reiki session. By sending Reiki to them while they are on their way to the appointment, I find they always arrive relaxed. I’ve also used Reiki in past life regressions and guided meditations. By using the distant healing symbol with the mental/emotional healing symbol, I am able to send Reiki to session clients during the session from across the room to help facilitate the healing process.


This sometimes has interesting effects without my telling them what I’m doing. The Reiki energy will often blend with the person’s inner imagery and actually become part of the scenario they’re experiencing. Having its own wisdom, the Reiki energy knows exactly how to do this. Some have said that they feel the Reiki energy surrounding them, in the form of a protective white mist. It has also worked to empower them by flowing through them and out of their hands -  which they then visually direct spontaneously towards the area of difficulty in their inner experience, to help solve a problem or address an issue


The Distant Healing symbol can also be used to bridge time. You can use it to send Reiki into the future. if you know that you will be involved in an important activity in the future, and you know the date and time of the event, you can send Reiki to the event, so that it will be there to help you when the time comes. When it is used in this way, it is as though the Reiki energy is stored up in a battery. When the time comes, it’s healing energy descends to surround you and help you. People have used this technique to help with job interviews, exams and tests, trips to the dentist, upcoming surgeries, or other important events.


The symbol can also be used to send Reiki into the past. If you had a traumatic experience in the past, and you know the approximate date of the event, you can use the Distant Healing symbol to send Reiki back to heal that event or occurrence. It often helps if you have a picture of yourself at close to the time (or age) of the event that occurred. If you don’t know the date, or don’t have a picture, it will still work simply by naming the problem and asking the Reiki energy to go to the cause and heal it. This technique can also be used to heal problems that stem from past lives.


Use of the mental/emotional symbol with the Distant Healing symbol can improve the healing process while working with emotional issues at a distance, or events in the past or the future.


* "The Distant Healing symbol can also be used like a homing device. If you don’t know the area of the body to treat for a particular condition, or  the specific cause of a problem, one can use the Distant Healing symbol - asking it to send the Reiki energy directly to the cause of the problem. Reiki will go there without you needing to know where or what the cause is."


(* Reiki distant healing as described in Reiki, the Healing Touch, First and 2nd Degree Manual, written and copyrighted by William Lee Rand © 1991).

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