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Divine Illumination™

Divine Illumination™: a process of transforming negative and toxic emotions and turning them into wisdom, understanding, power and grace.

This is a channeled healing from the Divine Collective. ™ It is often hard to explain in words exactly what they are offering.  The following is an attempt to explain what the Divine Illumination™ process does.

They say traumas, drama and suffering in our lives are brought about by our unhealed emotions which give rise to our beliefs about how the world works.  In understanding that whatever beliefs you hold about the nature of reality, the universe will prove you right.  Many cultures recognize there are rites of passage or sometimes thought of as initiations, that a human being has to undergo.  Every initiation or rite of passage marks a break with the past and invites you to step into who you are becoming. Healing requires the death of a personal story and the rebirth into a new and greater personal understanding.  When we release/heal from the deadly/toxic emotions and the belief they create about our circumstances IE: scarcity, powerlessness, intimacy, and fear.  We discover that although there is violence in the world.  We can live free of violence in our home and in our relationships. We can live in abundance without losing our appreciation and gratefulness for the comforts we enjoy, and our needs being met.


Many discover that although it is very difficult to change the world, it is not difficult to change your own world.  Divine Illumination™ brings the light of wisdom and understanding.  We are able to perceive reality as it truly is, unclouded by emotional wounds and hurts.  

The Divine Illumination™ can orchestrate a different reality.  The moment we understand that the Divine order is conducting a symphony of creation, and that we are playing an important instrument as we make music with the heavens.  We are discovering that the way to win the war is not through resistance but through acceptance and a higher order of consciousness.  Raising our level of consciousness.  Releasing our old imprints throughout your timeline.  Awakening spiritual grace.


It's been said that paradise/bliss is a brain state.  When our base emotions are transformed into the higher neocortical qualities, a sense of expansiveness and possibility is created.  We start to recognize that we can change the world with every thought we have and every word we speak.  The universe responds instantaneously.  We can achieve paradise/bliss once we make a simple but crucial shift that awakens the facilities of our higher brain and the realization that we are a spark of the Divine, always in concert with spirit.  This realization is achieved through illumination. It's a spiritual experience, not simply an intellectual understanding of how the brain works or how peace is possible.  

Through Divine Illumination™ withdrawing our projections, and consciously owning our shadow, and experiencing the toxic/negative emotions without acting on them, which would transform their energy into fuel to change ourselves for the better.  Thus, we become the change we want to see in the world.  As you cease denying these emotions, you can begin to understand the wisdom they have to offer you, because when they are not attached to people and objects, they quickly wash through you.  When we release attachment to the object of anger or desire, there is no more suffering.  This experience will rewire your neural networks and allow you to experience the higher qualities that are the counterparts of the negative emotions.


Divine illumination™ process breaks up the old emotions along with their habits and behaviors washing away the long-established neural pathways in your primitive brain like a flood.  Becoming free of the debilitating hold of emotions and you are able to experience pure feelings once again.  You create new pathways in your brain – this time, for compassion, peace, love, understanding, and generosity.  You then can see the world through new eyes and discover the lessons it taught you.  You observe the shift within.  This energy transforms and leads you to your destination.  Memories may surface briefly; your emotions will be carried away.  You walk a new path, one of grace and discovery.  You’ll walk the path of the creators.


This is a channeled experience.  The outcome is between you and the Divine Collective™. Many clients have received deep healing, understanding and a continued unfolding of new opportunities, deeper understandings of themselves and of the world, grace, feelings of support, love, and unique personal experiences.


It is possible for some clients to receive a Divine Illumination™ with an Ascension Treatment™.  The decision is made by the Divine Collective™.

Ascension Treatments™

Ascension Treatments™: these are high-energy treatments organized by the Divine Collective to raise your vibration and to offer wisdom and understanding through energy vibrations and are offered in different levels.  It’s been described as receiving many healing sessions at once and it works on all levels of you. 

An Ascension Treatment™ is for people who are serious about moving their energy up and becoming awake and aware of spiritual energy and concepts.  Each session builds on the last.  There is no ceiling on what you can achieve with the energy or what you may discover through this process.

These are channeled sessions.  The Divine Collective™  recommends receiving a Superconscious Reprogramming™ with Direct Divine Healing™ and Divine Illumination™ sessions before receiving an Ascension Treatment™. The reason for this is deep healing and releasing is achieved through the first sessions and it allows for the installing of higher vibrations in an Ascension Treatment. ™

Ascension Treatment™ level I   $555.00

Ascension Treatment™ level II  $1111.00

Ascension Treatment™ level III $2222.00

More levels available for those who qualify for those higher levels.

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