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Additional Services

28-Day Soul Coaching® Program—as your personal Master Soul Coaching Practitioner I can guide for a total inner and outer clutter clearing of your life (individual sessions or group sessions/online or in person). This program is the heart and soul of Soul Coaching.

Soul/Shamanic Journeys: I can take you on one-on-one individual guided journeys (and past life journeys) into the depths of your soul. This allows you to truly hear the wisdom of your soul and gain answers to the questions of your life. (This can be done on the phone/Zoom, as well as in person).


Guided Meditations:

Oracle Card Reading: Using a multitude of techniques and channeling of the Divine Collective™, Shannon can assist you in learning the answers to your heartfelt questions. Readings often bring inspiration, understanding, and comfort to the client.

Space Clearing:

1. Bell Clearing for the Soul: personal chakra and auric field clearing with the use of a bell (individual sessions)
2. Feather Clearing for the Soul: personal chakra and auric field clearing with the use of a feather (individual sessions)
3. Space clearing with Reiki and other clearing techniques: I can clear office space, homes or any space that you want to clear and energize.

(Prices vary depending on the Space needing clearing - please inquire)

Spirit Creations: (group sessions) These are creative projects that can help open a sacred portal to the realm of spirit. Here are some different Spirit Creation Workshops that I can provide for a group.

Soul Map Collage /Vision Seed Map: Through the creation of a sacred collage your powerfully seed your dreams for the future.

Miracle Box: This is a powerful tool for manifesting your life through the creation of a sacred magical box to seed your dreams for the future.

Spirit Sticks: These are sticks that are decorated in a sacred way to activate particular qualities or open doors into inner realms.


Healing/Spirit Dolls: These are dolls that we make that represent ourselves or someone else that aid in manifesting optimal health and positive changes to your life in a gentle and easy way.

and much more....

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