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Written by clients.  Some copied from other review sites such as google.

I highly recommend Waterwood Healing Center for those seeking alternative or additional help with chronic pain. I have found Shannon Oehmke to be professional and honest about her healing services and have benefited from them at various times in the past few years.


I was interested in Reiki and booked a session with Shannon not really knowing what to expect. I felt very comfortable with her and the session was very relaxing. I was having some chronic neck pain that, over the next few days I realized had completely dissipated. I ended up taking her Reiki class to be able to give Reiki myself and would highly recommend!


Reiki training is thorough and very detailed. Highly recommend Shannon!


Shannon is absolutely amazing! She has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I suffer from chronic pain, and every time I see Shannon it is a magical, and relieving, experience. I have also been able to resolve past traumatic experiences with Shannon’s help. She knows, and understands, exactly what is needed to heal. She has also worked on my horse and dog. Sissy, my horse, LOVED it! We thought she was going to fall over at one point. Animals are a true testament of Shannon’s amazing work because they cannot talk!! Shannon is a sweet, caring, and loving person. I cannot express my gratitude for everything she has done for me and my animals! Absolutely ❤️ her!!


Shannon is a gifted practitioner and teacher. She has introduced me to Reiki and brought me through the Reiki I & II and Master Levels of instruction. She continues to always be available/accessible to me when I need guidance or advice. I highly recommend Shannon for any entity you many want to experience and/or learn.


I had THE BEST experience with Shannon at Waterwood Healing Center for my Reiki 1/2 classes. Shannon is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, practical and makes your experience truly one of a kind. She understands energy in every and any way, and is very heart centered in the way she talks and teaches. The Center is absolutely AMAZING! It is soooo cozy and relaxing, you feel like you are right at home from the start 🤗🥰 Waterwood Healing offers many, many different services and I highly recommend them! Thank You Shannon 😌🥰


I have taken Reiki Practitioner training 1and 2 and Soul Coaching with Shannon. Each time I feel so grateful for Shannon and her Guidance. If you are on the path and you stumble across needing a Reiki master and Soul Coach, Shannon at Waterwood Healing Center, is a great healer, teacher, guide and will help you on you journey back to yourself. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I’ve gotten many services from Shannon, including a reiki session, reiki classes 1 & 2 and a past life regression. All soulful and healing experiences spent with Shannon she’s helped me through so many things. I loved every session, they were very healing 🤍 I appreciate her so much.


I've enjoyed several services from Waterwood Healing Center along with Reiki classes. I found Shannon to be incredibly generous, kind and talented. I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. Definitely, give this place a try!


I have known Shannon for more than 25 years. Her compassion is contagious and her passion helping people boundless. If you need to reduce your stress, relax or need healing, I highly recommend her.



Amazing experience! I recommend reiki for physical and emotional healing. Shannon’s energy provides such a safe environment to really open up and understand yourself and your needs more. Not only are the sessions so healing, but her classes can provide you with more clarity, direction, and purpose in life.


My 40-year fitness career has been spent teaching my clients to strengthen & stretch their bodies, and to learn how to overcome or modify for issues such as injuries, joint replacements, disease or illness. I am no exception having been permanently injured in a car accident involving a semi-truck! I have spent the last 33 years dealing with worsening chronic neck pain, impingement, ROM issues, and general weakness & dysfunction that continued to make working harder and harder. I regularly use chiropractic, massage, exercise, reiki and various medications for inflammation and/or pain. These all helped in various ways but were all temporary at best and continue to be a costly temporary relief. In my heart of hearts, I knew surgery was looming in my future. Upon learning about “Superconscious Reprograming followed by Direct Divine Healing,” I felt this could be the answer/therapy I was looking for to finally fully heal! Shannon and I met over the phone to discuss what I was experiencing and wanted to have change. That was it. The very next day around 4:30 pm, I received a text from her that simply said, “In case you’re wondering, that was me.” I took pause and noticed: I didn’t feel tired (I was about to teach class #6 of 8 that day), felt alert and energetic, but more unbelievably, I WAS WITHOUT NECK PAIN OR DISCOMFORT, for the first time in I can’t remember!!! I was flabbergasted! As I returned home that evening, I was still energized and no longer felt the need to spend 3 hours sitting in front of TV while my body recovered & rested. The following day, and all the days since then I have been “testing” the Superconscious Reprograming followed by Direct Divine Healing’s “hold” on my neck. There are things I can and should no longer do: physically spot or lift people, physically demonstrate certain exercises, move equipment, etc. I have to say, now when I do those things that would normally send my neck into an “episode,” it will get a bit stiff and sore, but now the feeling lasts for only 20-30 minutes then goes away. Normally, I would be vomiting and bedridden for about 18 hours until the pressure & inflammation would finally release. For me, IT’S A MIRACLE!!! I’m out of pain and discomfort. I have way more energy. I’m more alert. And I find I’m much more creative and getting even better at my business. Surgery is no longer even a blip on my radar. I have since referred my son and several of my friends and clients to Shannon. She and the Superconscious Reprograming followed by Direct Divine Healing is the REAL DEAL!


Have received reiki from Shannon and her energy is very calming. The space has great energy and I highly recommend her.


My experiences at Waterwood have been life-changing. I’ve had both educational and healing sessions there, and I’ve always left feeling inspired and fulfilled.


There's a saying. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Source led me to Shannon; and I consider her the strongest teacher/ mentor in my spiritual growth. Through her I have become a certified Soul Coaching Practitioner and Received Holy Fire2 Reiki mastery. Shannon has an open, beautiful connection to Spirit, which is reflected both in her teachings with her students and in her own healing practices. I unreservedly recommend her, whether you are seeking Reiki healing sessions, looking for healing through soul journeys and past life regression , soul coaching, or seeking a Teacher to guide you on your spiritual growth path. Many Blessing

Both of my experiences at Waterwood Healing Center were unbelievable! Shannon is very professional and extremely knowledgeable of her craft. This was my first experience with Reiki. I suffer from arthritis and my sessions were relaxing and centering. I would highly recommend a Reiki session ! If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would!


Shannon is an extremely talented healer and a wonderful mentor/teacher for those learning Reiki or soul coaching. I highly recommend her as a light bearing healer and as an incredible Soul Coaching trainer.

My first time experience, was nothing short of an amazing experience. My mission to operate out of a better mental, spiritual, and physical space was accomplished thanks to Shannon. Tap In.


Testimonial from a Soul Coaching® student:

From the moment you enter Shannon's presence you feel her passion and nurturance for guiding others. Her voice portrays a level of confidence and support as she leads you into a place of deep healing during a Soul Journey or Past Life Regression. I loved that her knowledge as a Reiki Master allowed her to pull stagnate energy out of my body, furthering the depth of healing. No matter where my guides took me, I always knew and felt that Shannon was right there with me.


Besides personally experiencing healing with Shannon, I have also had the pleasure of being her student in the Soul Coaching Practitioners program. She has a depth of knowledge that instilled confidence in me as well as the other students. She made the class fun and interactive with plenty of experiential practice and creative activities. 


If you are already a Light-worker or are considering tapping into your own healing gifts, you cannot go wrong taking the Practitioner level course from Shannon. It was 8 days of learning, laughter, bonding and play that was interwoven with personal transformation. I will be forever indebted to her willingness to be part of my journey.


BJ Byrd (Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner®, Certified Psychic Medium LWISSD, Certified Angel Card Reader®)

As stated to me by a client following a Reiki session:

I came to Shannon to try Reiki because my doctors could not assist me in finding relief from my pain. I had no expectations of what the session would do for me, but I was very happy with the results! I felt like I had my energy back! I didn’t even realize how fatigued I was until I felt like myself again. I felt like I was able to release some old traumas from my childhood during the healing experience that we went through prior to my hands-on Reiki therapy. My pain disappeared as she worked on me and my feet started to make some popping noises as the tight muscles released. My feet were moving in a way that my PT person had tried many times to do with no success. I had more feeling in my feet! I suffer from diabetic neuropathy. So this is a big deal for me! I love my Reiki session and want to learn Reiki from Shannon.


PTSD client from a traffic accident

Every time I heard sirens or breaking glass or the sound of metal being crushed like on TV shows that depict traffic accidents, I would stop breathing, I would start shaking or crying and feeling like my accident had just happened to me all over again! I did not understand at the time why this would happen to me. When Reiki energy was sent back to the accident and full Reiki treatments were given to me, I no longer had any reaction to the noises and feel that I can talk about the accident without crying or otherwise being affected by it. Thank heavens for Reiki!


Anonymous anxiety client

I take anxiety medicine and feel overwhelmed most of the time. I felt like I needed to try something new and came across the website for Waterwood Healing Center. I signed up to take a weekend Reiki I & II class. As soon as I arrived I felt so comfortable. I felt comfortable sharing my personal history with Shannon and she told me how I could use Reiki in my life to make my life better. I received so much more than I ever expected from this class. I feel peaceful I can’t wait to see how Reiki will help me achieve my goals. I’ve already worked on a couple of people with my Reiki and successfully relieve back pain and a two-day migraine. What better recommendation could I give then that!


Another Happy Client said:

The energy was wonderful during my Reiki session. I had never experienced a Reiki session before. I was curious if it would be beneficial for me. I had vivid images in my mind during the session of my body transforming, seemingly into animals. I was so impressed with the feeling that I was filled with - I had lots of questions about Reiki, my past lives, and the images that I saw during the session! Shannon took the time to answer all of my questions. I found her very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone looking for answers to life’s mysteries.


Some other comments from my clients:



“Shannon gave me Reiki for a migraine - within 10 minutes. My headache went away and it never came back. And I have suffered with migraines for many years……”


Stress relief:

“I was stressed with going to school full-time and a full-time job. I went to the Waterwood Healing Center to have a Reiki session to see what it was like. It was very relaxing. More surprisingly it seemed to energize me. I went home and stayed up half the night studying and wasn’t tired at all!”


Arthritic feet:

“I have arthritic feet. A bad heart and lots of age-related problems. I had a 90-minute Reiki appointment with Shannon and she made me feel so good and all of my pain went away. I felt so relaxed- like I drank a bottle of wine! When I went home. I felt so good. I did household chores all day long. Normally, I could not have been on my feet more than 30 minutes. I want to learn Reiki!”


Negative energy relief:

“I perform massage therapy for a living, and it can be very taxing on my body. Shannon told me that I could use Reiki to help me protect myself from other people’s negative energy. I use it during my massage sessions, and people seem to like it! And I don’t feel drained anymore! I think it has helped my business!”


Bad memories:

“I had a bad childhood and I have never been able to get over it. I’m in my 60s now and really want to heal and get over my bad memories, if possible. I had a Reiki session with Shannon and she told me that Reiki could help me heal the past. I learned Reiki and feel it is helping me let go of a lot of sadness and I feel much more hopeful about life.”


Stressful work environment:

“I am a corporate executive and it is very stressful in my work environment. I wanted a way to combat my everyday stress, so I took a Reiki session from Shannon on a recommendation from others. I now use Reiki every day and my life feels much less stressful.”


Assist in socializing:

“I am a college student and I find socializing very difficult for me. I don’t know why, particularly, I just do. My first Reiki session was a gift to me by my mother (gift certificate). I was unsure about going to my first Reiki session, but did so on my mother’s recommendation. I didn’t notice a lot at first - I mean, it felt nice - but I wasn’t sure it did much. Then I was told by family later that I seem to be “different” somehow. I have noticed myself that I am more talkative and I find it easier to socialize. I still receive Reiki sessions from Shannon.”


Pain relief:

“I sought out Reiki to help with pain relief and it did that for me.  I also needed to lose weight, and after I started having Reiki in my life, I have lost over 50 pounds while working with Shannon. I am very grateful.”


On taking Reiki Classes


“Shannon was extremely knowledgeable and able to subtly apply Reiki teachings to each of us in the class individually for our own purposes”


“I’ve been to a lot of weekend workshops. This class (Reiki I & II) was well-organized and flowed well. As workshops go – This was a good one! Shannon did a great job!”


“Shannon presented all of us with further knowledge that was not present in the teaching manuals.”


“My favorite moment was when I could feel the Reiki in my hands!”


As a recent student said, “I am very thankful for this experience as well as having been guided to Shannon. I feel as though I am here for a reason and Reiki helps me see my purpose. I plan on using Reiki in my everyday living. I am also glad that I was lucky enough to have an instructor like Shannon, that welcomes questions, and who will always be available to me in the future for support if it is needed.”



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