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About Shannon

Shannon L. Oehmke

Creator, Superconscious Reprogramming™

Creator, Direct Divine Healing™

Creator, Divine Illumination™

Creator, Ascension Treatment™

Master Past life Regression Teacher
Master in Guided Meditation
Master Enlightened life Coaching™ Practitioner &Trainer
Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner & Trainer
Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader
Certified Advanced Past Life Coach
Certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master

Certified Usui/Holy Fire III (plus Online) Reiki Master

Registered Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master

Professional Member of the ICRT

Shannon has gone through an accelerated transformative process that allows her to bridge the work of the Divine Collective into the physical world. Their healing techniques of the Superconscious Reprogramming™, Direct Divine Healing™Divine Illumination, and Ascension Treatments are bringing amazing results, and many have received miracles from these processes.


The Divine Collective™ has brought Shannon to change her slogan of “Transformation begins here” to her new slogan of ”Magic and Miracles.”

It is her life’s passion and purpose to help others.  Shannon used to be shy but after years of working with Spirit and all the healing that came with that, she has found that she is not shy anymore and that sharing her personal journey gives hope to others who are struggling to find their own health and/or happiness.  

Her transformation began in 2007 when on a whim, she attended her first ever “I Can Do It Conference” in Las Vegas, NV.  During that trip, she experienced a life changing event.  Of course, at that time she didn't know it was life changing. She had attended an all-day seminar on Past Life Regressions.  Shannon later stated, “To be honest, I knew very little about metaphysical work at the time and did not believe in past lives whatsoever.  However, I found the workshop to be interesting.”  

The part that intrigued her the most was when they were guided through a Past Life Regression.  As they began, her inner self was saying to her, “I don’t believe in past lives.  I am going to be spending a lot of time staring at the inside of my eyelids!” 

But she found herself amazed by the images that she was seeing, and how real it all felt.  It was more real to her than any memory she had ever recalled.  At the end of the regression, she realized that she was overcome by her emotions that had been brought up and found herself unable to speak.  That night, and several nights thereafter, she dreamed about this past life – and all the while, her pain from fibromyalgia started to dissipate! 

She had been living with fibromyalgia for 13 years and she did not think it possible to have more good days than bad days. She was miserable. Eventually though, as time passed, she realized that her fibromyalgia had totally disappeared due to this past life regression.  This healing experience led her to take training to learn many things.  She began to contemplate that if she could feel better after one day of group healing work, how much more healing could she attain if she trained? She discovered and was able to embrace her own abilities as a natural healer, intuitive, coach and teacher.


She was later guided to study Reiki after she found herself searching for other holistic pain relief and one of her fellow attendees suggested that they could assist her further through the use of Reiki.  Without ever touching her, they were able to make the pain stop, and it never returned.  This led to Shannon wanting to learn Reiki and to find out more about this healing modality. 

Shannon’s original purpose for learning Reiki was to acquire holistic pain management techniques to use on herself and her husband. Shannon grew in confidence with Reiki and all that it offered, and it’s powerful and gentle way of bringing healing.

Shannon started to do sessions on friends and it expanded from there. Shannon now is a Certified Master in Usui, Holy Fire III (plus Distance), Karuna, and Tibetan Reiki and teaches all levels in these styles.

It has been a blessing for her to have a vast knowledge and her deep understanding of our Soul’s path. The timing of all of Shannon’s learning prepared her for her choice during her near-death experience.  In 2010, she was involved in a terrible car accident as a passenger.  The car she was riding in did multiple rollovers, where she had hit her head more than 100 times resulting in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The doctors told her that many of her injuries were permanent in nature. They also stated that she would need to learn to cope with her new disabilities/handicaps. 

However, she did not believe or buy into their diagnosis. Instead, she chose to use Reiki and her other skills every day to help relieve the pain and to heal her body. She never doubted that she would fully heal! 

The more she found her own relief and healing the more she wanted to share it with others. All her life she had been called an “old soul”. She never set out with the intention of having a “healing business.” She was strongly guided to do this work.  

This same Divine guidance continues to work through her and assist her clients and students.  Over the years, she has developed her own unique style of guiding others on their own healing journey. She uses many things: Super Conscious Reprogramming™, Direct Divine Healing™, the Divine Collective™, Healing Ancestral lines, Shamanic Guidance, Soul Coaching® , Reiki, Past Life Regressions, Guided Meditations, Soul Journeys, 28-day Soul Coaching® Program, Channeling, Card reading, Mediumship and she is never working alone, Spirit is always with her.​

She doesn’t need to have clients or students share her beliefs. She is able to teach or provide these services no matter your beliefs. 

She is a very sensitive person and has found that about 80% of those drawn to her are the same. She specializes in teaching practical skills and techniques that help sensitive people navigate the world. She turns your sensitivity into a gift rather than a curse -  as many sensitive people feel overwhelmed in society today.


She appreciates your interest in her and the services she offers. She offers the opportunity to guide you to a life that is fulfilling - a life that has purpose - a life that allows you to feel real joy and inner peace, and it is your choice to take action now.  If you have questions, please contact her via phone, text, or email. ​ 

No two Teachers, Healers, Coaches, Shamans or Practitioners are alike. If you went to a hundred hairstylists you would get a variety or a hundred different cuts.


Please know that in the metaphysical world, it is the same. Shannon is a unique individual with many skills. You cannot directly compare what she is offering to any other practitioner’s services. May you take action on what will bring you health and joy. 

Love and Light, Shannon 

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