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Autistic, mentally challenged, physically impaired or other disabilities:
Anyone can learn Reiki because it is not taught in the typical classroom manner. The Reiki energy is gifted to the student during a Reiki attunement/placement during a Reiki class.
Many special needs persons have been taught Reiki; and they enjoy the benefits of Reiki as much as anyone else.
Reiki can soothe anxiety, help one become more socially at ease, soothe discomforts, and so much more.
Once the attunement (or placement) has been done with the student, we will follow with how they can use Reiki energy on themselves and/or others.
Adaptations in our usual teaching style will be made to best fit the needs of each individual on a per needs basis.
If you have questions about this topic, or any other topics, please feel free to contact us anytime.
We would welcome your inquiry.
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