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Upcoming Healing Doll Workshop

(Please see our page on Reiki Distant Healing for concept and uses)

​Healing Doll Workshop
January 27, 2018 from 10 AM - 5 PM
Cost: $150.00

This one-day seminar and workshop is for making a doll that represents any one person or any persons you would like to do healing or distant healing with. I have a doll that I use for my many Distant Healing sessions. This doll changes who it represents by your intention. I also have dolls that represent just me and one that is just for my husband. These dolls have been customized to heal and infuse positive energy to address specific goals or issues. I find it easier and more comfortable to give myself a full Healing session by using my doll (which represents me). The dolls I use have Reiki symbols, a world peace grid, 3lbs of crystals and many affirmations inside.

There will be time to discuss Healing and Reiki topics and also full instruction on how to use your Healing/Spirit doll will be given. You will have the opportunity to form an energetic bond with your doll. Many find this helpful when using "tools" to do Reiki and other kinds of energy and healing work.

There will be a choice of materials from which to make your doll       (your doll is already sewn and ready to stuff), doll stuffing, Reiki symbols and affirmations to put inside your doll, all of which will be provided to you. You may see the fabric selections by clicking here.

Crystals are a wonderful addition to your doll because it will hold and radiate energy for long periods of time. Polished Crystals will be available for purchase by the quarter pound for $5 at the workshop seminar. Citrine, amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, blue quartz, garnet and tumbled Brazilian Carnelian stones are among your choices.


We also make name necklaces for our healing/spirit dolls. For dolls who will only represent one person. Several bead choices available.

Two (2) Holy Fire II Reiki experiences will be done during our time together. These can be very healing as the Reiki energy works directly with each person individually.

Anyone can attend and it is not necessary to have had previous Reiki training to join this workshop. (If all who attend have previously received training in Reiki, I will do a Reiki I or II placement (attunement) also while we are together.

You may want to bring any special herbs or essential oils, crystals, or some of your own affirmations to place inside your doll.

This will be a fun day with Reiki and healing energy while surrounded by kind people. I look forward to enjoying the building of our healing/spirit dolls together!


For information on crystals we use in our dolls please see healing/spirit doll page under Reiki distant healing tab. Also if you want to see some of our fabric choices there is a fabric choices tab, under distant healing.  If you do not see any fabric you like, we have more choices being added all the time.   We would be happy to find a special color or design for you.  We can also make a doll out of fabric you have.

To sign up for the seminar, please click the PayPal button below to pay your registration fee. Any questions please contact us.





Healing/Spirit Doll Kit

Completed Healing/Spirit Dolls

Many fabrics to choose from!

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