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A story of pain-free child birth...... and in record time!

I had a Reiki student that wanted to start a family. Inga had been trying to get pregnant and had been unsuccessful. She wanted to know if Reiki would help her get pregnant. I said that the energy could remove blockages and release subconscious fears that could be preventing her from getting pregnant. I also told her that she could use the energy (Reiki) toward her goal of becoming a mother. We did some energy healing with the intention that she easily become pregnant. She became pregnant right away.

Inga was approximately two thirds of the way through her pregnancy when she was told by the doctors that she could not have an epidural. This had to do with some test they ran and said it was not on good idea for her. This was very upsetting to her and she was overwhelmed with fear about giving birth.

I intuitively wrote to her that same day and told her I would send energy for an easy birth. That the distant Reiki energy I sent would be waiting for her at the time of her giving birth. Holding the energy in that time in space around her giving birth like a battery until she needed it. I sent distant Reiki every day until after the birth. I held the intention that she would be calm and collected throughout the whole process. That she would be able to enjoy her son coming into the world. Inga knowing that I would be supporting her with Reiki felt much calmer and she knew everything would be ok. I also wanted to include distant Reiki energy to the baby that he finds nursing easy and that her milk would be available to him. I pictured the most peaceful birth for her and that she be surrounded by family that supported her especially her husband. (Her husband is gone most weeks during the week and she was afraid he would miss the birth of their son.)

The big day finally came. When her water broke at 4 in the morning she was calm and decided to shower before going to the hospital. Inga could feel lots of Reiki energy around her. Her husband packed her bag and they were off. She texted me and a few friends on the way there. Everything was going very smoothly. She felt calm and collected. The nurses came in periodically to check her dilation throughout the day. When they came in again to check the nurse got real excited and started calling for the doctor. Inga didn’t know what to think. Nothing felt like it was wrong to her. She had just been passing the time watching TV and talking with her husband. There was no time for the doctor to get there. The nurse was so excited because the baby’s head was half way out. They told Inga she could push. She pushed maybe 3 or 4 times and the baby was out. It was a 2-minute birth. She said she felt no pain and had no damage to her body from the birthing.

Inga said “labor was the easiest thing. He came out magically within two minutes.” She also stated to me that she felt the Reiki energy present with her the whole time. Her son is healthy, weighing almost 8lbs. He took to breast feeding easily and her milk had come in plentifully. She told me that the nurses there wanted to know her secret to pain free child birth. Also, how she was so relaxed through the whole process. She told them it was Reiki.

She is enjoying taking care of her new born son. She said every day is filled with new experiences with him and she is loving being a mom. She also stated to me that she is recovering quickly and has lost most of her baby weight as of five days after when I spoke with her. As with every new mom she is dreaming of uninterrupted sleep but since she is breast feeding that may take some time.

I love helping people and being able to help Inga and her husband throughout this process of making their dream of starting a family a reality has been a blessing for all of us.

This is just one example of how reiki can be used. There really are no limits of what good can come from using Reiki. If you would like to experience Reiki or learn Reiki, please contact me.

Love and Light,

Shannon Oehmke

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