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I am inspired today to write by a student of mine. She will know that this is for her, but it will resonate and be helpful to many. This student I will call Linda. Linda is often sick and worn down. She has multiple health problems. She puts the needs of the world, including her family and world causes above her own well-being. She has a big heart but forgets to love herself.

It is very hard to change the world from a weak energetic state. It is easier to inspire others to love the world than it is to tell them what they should believe. We’re always having an energetic conversation with everyone we encounter in our lives. Most people are unaware of this energetic conversation.

I am able to enjoy inspiring people to wellness and teach them tools to navigate the world as a sensitive person. I don’t do it by forcing my beliefs on others or telling them what to believe. I do it by just being me. I radiate my peaceful energy, and my love for all that is in this world. So, I find lots to be grateful for.

I focus on love! That’s where my energy goes. So, I feed love! If I were to focus on all that is wrong, sad, unjust or negative in the world, my energies would be going to those things rather than the good things in the world. I would not want to send my energy to that which I do not desire for myself or the world.

It’s not bad to put yourself first. You can help more by inspiring others from a vibrant healthy state of your own. You are not selfish when doing this. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. When you heal yourself, you allow others to heal as well. This is part of that energetic conversion.

I hope this inspires those that feel overwhelmed by the world to take action; and to learn the tools and techniques to help you live a better life, and to inspire others by example! And by being radiant, healthy, loving human beings. Believe that everything can be healed.

I have been able to heal from great handicaps and injuries after having a near-death experience (NDE) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a motor vehicle accident that left me partially paralyzed, among other problems. My doctors advised me that I should learn to live with my handicaps but that wasn’t for me. I believed that I could heal. I used all of the tools, skills and techniques that I teach, to heal myself. I don’t just teach these skills, I live by them, using all that I teach in my own daily life.

I love the fact that I attract sensitive people to my practice, teaching Reiki, Soul Coaching®, Past Life Regression, and in giving private sessions. Those practices fulfill my life.

I love seeing the difference in my client’s and student’s lives after working with me.

Thank you for reading this. I hope I’ve inspired at least one person to wellness. Check out my website at or I can be reached by email at or by text or phone at (269) 873-3903 for more information on my offerings.

Love and Light, Shannon

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