Becoming A Reiki Master

In our classes at Waterwood Healing Center:

Most of our students take the Master level so they can benefit from two more symbols and a strengthened/stronger Reiki energy and intuition. Allowing them to enjoy more effective Reiki sessions.

For those who know they want to teach everything you need to pass Reiki on, is included plus information to help you develop your own practice. Such as outlines for teaching and additional information to help you get started.

We offer a comfortable setting; our classroom is set up like a family room.

We are set back in nature, have a private building, and easy parking.

We give you a paper Manual, not a view only digital copy. Helpful for jotting notes in or highlighting and easy referencing.

We offer an interactive experience, hands on practice and discussion/lecture.

This class includes several group healing experiences facilitated by the teacher. Plus, instruction on how to do these experiences for yourself and others.

One is the Holy Fire® Healing Experience that can be given to anyone and directs the powerful Holy Fire® energies to heal.

How to give yourself the Holy Love Experiences:

Ocean of Holy Love (To purify, heal, guide and prepare you for Reiki placements)

Holy Love I (To install Divine Love)

Holy Love II (To go back in your life’s history to heal the past)

Holy Love III (To go back to the time of conception (can also include ancestral issues, birth trauma, and more), and heal anything needing healing, around these issues.)

How to do all three placements, level one, level two, and Master placement. You also receive the Master placement in class.

Receive your four Master Ignitions and How to do all four Master Ignitions for yourself and for others. These are a powerful experience that helps purify, heal, and ignites the Holy Fire® Reiki energy within your body. This is what allows you to pass reiki on to others if you choose to.

You receive and learn how to give the Empowered in the River of Life Experience. This allows you to give placements (our attunments) in person and at a distance and use Master techniques at a distance as well. Your student or client could be anywhere in the world.

Class outlines for in person and online teaching. For how to teach Reiki one, Reiki two, Reiki Master, the upgrade for teaching at a distance/online and info on giving Reiki talks.

History of Usui Reiki, Holy Fire® Reiki and the future of Reiki.

Students have the ability to ask questions in class and later after class as questions about your reiki or reiki with others may arise. You communicate directly with your Teacher (Shannon) not an answering service that doesn’t teach and/or have a Reiki Practice.

We keep our classes small, ten students or less.

We give you a printed Professional Certificate, signed by your Reiki Master not a download you print yourself at home.

We give useful examples of how to incorporate/use your Reiki techniques and abilities based on Student’s life needs. Such as how you can use Reiki with kids, pets, at your job, and examples that help with your specific needs.

We are not leaving anything out of this training, it is complete. At the conclusion of class, you could go home and teach your spouse or best friend or anyone else. We use the whole program as outlined for Holy Fire® III (plus Online/Distance) Master class.

We do offer live Zoom classes with the option of coming at another time to receive hands on practice if you’re able. Shannon weaves her heartfelt energy into these classes as well to make them as close to the in-person training experience as possible.

We have massage tables for everyone to use during class practice. No one needs to work on the floor.