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Are you an energetic garbage collector?

Do you feel worn down? Overwhelmed by life? Do you sometimes feel drained by people merely talking you? Do you ever enter rooms or a building and feel a heaviness? Do you ever feel emotions well up inside of you for no apparent reason? Where you feel there is no cause within you for those emotions? Do people ever tell you, ”you are too sensitive”, but not in a good way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, then you are probably an empath. Some like the term ”sensitive person” better.

I coined the term “energetic garbage collector” back in 2007. I know that’s exactly what I used to feel like!

When I learned what an empath was back then, my life started to make a lot more sense. I learned that a lot of what I was feeling in my life wasn’t actually my feelings, but the feelings of others that I had picked up on. People would talk to me and they would feel better and better as they released their pent up negative energy, and I would feel more overwhelmed and physically tired!

I would unknowingly give away my life force energy so that others could feel better. And they did. And I did not! I wouldn’t just give my energy away only to people, but also to animals and world causes as well. This is a common problem for empaths.

Before I discovered this, I suffered from low energy. I was often overwhelmed. I had a very difficult time being in crowds. Going to someone’s funeral would put me in bed for a week. I had no idea why or what was wrong with me! I would have physical pain from merely being out in public! I was eventually diagnosed by my physician as having fibromyalgia. (I was later cured of fibromyalgia but that is another story for another time).

If you think you might be an “energetic garbage collector”, like I was, then I have solutions for you. You are exactly who I am here to help. I specialize in helping “sensitive people”, often referred to as “empaths”.

I can teach you how to navigate the world as a sensitive person. You will never have to be that “energetic garbage collector” again! Being sensitive is a gift, but it can feel like a curse if you don’t have the skills to navigate the world in a positive way for you.

Being a sensitive person makes doing what I do rewarding. It is a gift doing healing work. I want all sensitive people to feel that it is a gift - to welcome it as a gift. And to be able to turn your sensitivity up when you want to and then when you’re not in a positive environment to be able to turn it down. That puts you in control of your energy and enables you to find the beauty in being sensitive. It enables you to be who you are, but not to be overwhelmed by negative energy - to be vibrant – healthy - and to enjoy life.

Learning Reiki is often the first step in helping empaths achieve this. I teach how to integrate Reiki into your everyday life, in order that you might navigate the world from a place of choice and power, and not from an overwhelmed, worn-down state. So you can be you - but with the tools that allow you to protect your personal energy. You would also have the ability to use Reiki for yourself and others after receiving my training.

I’ve been teaching Reiki since 2008. I have focused and specialized my teaching for sensitive people. I also teach a life-changing course called Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training. This is an intensive eight-day course for people that really want to learn the skills and techniques to help themselves in their daily lives and to also learn to help others in theirs. It helps you find your purpose in the world, to understand yourself in a deeper way, and to be able to choose your life and much more.

Please check out my website at for more details about Reiki classes click here: and the Soul Coaching® training here:

On my website your will also find tabs for each category of my other offerings.

Reach out to me at any time if you have any questions that are not answered there.

Love and Light,


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