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Clearing energy from second hand items

I was recently asked by a client if she should worry about the energy of second hand clothes. That’s a great question and most people don't think about second hand stuff holding residual energy from previous owners. The answer is everything picks up an energy from where it was made, where it has spent time and who has been with the object. The answer is yes, clothing can have an energy from the past owner. The energy could be good or bad but for some people just having it be someone else’s energy can be uncomfortable for the new owner.

The good news is you can clear items of the residual energy from previous owners. Always start with cleaning the clothes first. After that there are several ways to clear items. I clear things with Reiki because it's convenient for me. If you have Reiki hold the item in your hands with your Reiki flowing or if you are doing a group of items project your Reiki to the group of items. If you have level two Reiki and have the use of symbols include those in this process. Remember to set your intention and say a prayer.

You can also use sage. If burning sage is an option and you don’t mind the smell. I burn loose sage in a mug so as not to get ashes on the floor. Hold the mug under and near each item, waft the smoke as needed to get the majority of the item in the smoke. Add a prayer that each item be cleansed of all negative energy and be filled with God's love. Any wording that works for you is fine. It's your intention that your clearing and adding love and positive energy to each item.

If sage is not a good choice. You can take your items and hang them outside in the sun. The fresh air and sun, clear and burn away the negative energy. Still set your intention and say a prayer.

You can also use a bell or singing bowl. The vibration of the notes can clear the energy of a room and individual items. Hold items up or hang your items, so you can ring a bell around the item. Still setting your intention and saying a prayer.

You can also use more than one technique to add additional clearing and blessings. These techniques work on clothes or other items like furniture.

I hope this information was inspiring and or helpful.

Love and light,

Shannon Oehmke


Waterwood Healing Center

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